The Town

A stroll through Repulse Bay tells a story of life in today's Arctic, where the past rubs shoulders with the future. Skins of caribou and polar bear dry on the walls of modern houses, and meat and fish hang on drying racks. Qamutiks (traditional Inuit sleds) may be stacked for summer storage beside the latest fuel-injected snowmobiles. Elders in sealskin kamiks are often seen walking towards the Northern Store or Co-op.

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One of the most fascinating activities for the visitor is a short hike north of the airport to the low, rocky hills that surround the community. Dotted by small lakes and marshes, the hills contain much of the typical Arctic vegetation and wildlife. Look closely by the ponds and be rewarded by the sight of nesting waterfowl. The sparse soil of the area supports a number of Arctic flora. Arctic poppies, purple saxifrage and mosses all flourish wherever there is soil. Early in the summer, the tundra is covered with a rich, thick carpet of these Northern wildflowers. Wander along the shoreline from the Northern Store. There stands the original post of the Hudson's Bay Company, with its characteristic red shingled roof and white clapboard sides.

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This is also the primary docking area for Repulse Bay. Here, during the evening, hunters return with their catch of belugas, seals and narwhal. Up from the shore is the community's graveyard, with bleached white crosses standing sentry-like, marking the tales of the community and its people. Conclude your walk at the Hamlet Offices, which provide a community meeting place as well as recreational facilities.



General Information

Population 999 (95% Inuit, 5% non-Inuit)
Telephone area code 867
Region Kivalliq
Time zone Central Standard Time
Postal Code X0C 0H0
Possible routes Winnipeg-Rankin Inlet via First Air and Calm Air for passengers
Banks Light banking services available at the Northern and Co-op stores. Interac services are available at most retail stores
Alcohol Alcohol is limited and controlled by a committee
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